Sarah Gardner [Still Life]

  • Sarah Gardner is a British photographer and author

I came across Sarah Gardner on Facebook and she posts some really beautiful images of flowers. She photographs flowers with shallow depth of field to blur out the background, she focuses on the flower closes to her and the rest of them are blurred and out of focus or sometimes she focuses on all of the flower and the textured backgrounds that she makes are blurred. She doesn’t use white plain backgrounds like what I did in the studio; she uses pages ripped from books to create her backgrounds or she places them on a wooden table to get a wooden texture.

She uses bright coloured flowers and uses a variety of containers like glass jars, vases, and even a bucket – which is something I would like to try to do in my shoots, I want to try to use different containers, but at the same time similar to each other so they look like a series.

Her images look so beautiful and look so dream like and ‘fluffy’! I like how close she gets to the flowers and capture the detail in them, I wanted to do this but after the still life workshop, I want to get the whole flower and it’s container in focus. I did also like the effect I got from shooting into the light, the light would travel through the petals to make them look purer. I do like the idea of going out of the studio and photographing flowers like Gardner does, I don’t think I’ll get the same effect of shooting in a studio, but it’s something I can think about.


I could be wrong but I do believe she edits her images to get the ‘dreamy’ feeling to them, again something I could look into but I don’t think that sort of edit would be right for my work. But I’ve enjoyed looking into her work – I’m not looking to do anything in this style, but it’s been nice to see other ways to photograph flowers without using a studio and into the light (I think Gardner uses natural lighting in her images).


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