Further Experiments?

Ideas for further experiments, themes or things I could try out:


I’ve thought about adding moving things that will glow, like glow sticks or lights to my portraits; maybe I could try to drawing something with the lights, but would this create a different meaning and would it have the same effect like the others did, because everyone seemed to like them just how they were.

Try something with mirrors? (I wanted to use mirrors in my tableaux theme, but I never got round to that idea) I’d like to see what would happen.

Draw something on my hands; when I cover my eyes I could have eyes drawn on the back of my hands. And when I cover my mouth draw a mouth on my hand.

Still life

I’m thinking of looking into photographing the same bunch of flowers over a period of time and see how much it changes during each shoot.

Something; old, new, borrowed, and blue – I really liked the image I made at the crit and the flowers and glass container we all ‘borrowed’. I brought some flowers a couple of days ago and I was thinking of photographing them as the go older so that would be ‘old’ and in my garden we’ve had some Daffodils come out for spring – they’ll be ‘new’. Not too sure what to do for blue…

I’m wondering if to try and photograph outside the studio; but I really liked the things I did in the studio…


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