Tableaux shoot – Carrie inspired [09/03/14]

I wasn’t looking forward to this shoot; I didn’t want to do this theme but because we needed to show one piece of work from each theme. My idea for this theme was to base my tableaux theme on a book, one that I could place reference from the book, my chosen book was Carrie by Stephen King.

Notes made from rereading the book and watching the movies:

– She’s an outcast

– light bulb explodes during the shower scene where is believes she is bleeding to death

– Mum makes her pray for forgiveness by locking her away

– Carrie discovers she has telekinetic powers

– she’s elected as Prom Queen and has pig blood poured onto her while on stage, she burns down the school for revenge

– When she gets home her mum stabs her and Carrie kills her mum (pinning her to the wall with knives with her powers in the movie), Carrie dies from blood loss.

– In the newer movie Sue visits Carrie’s grave and it has been vandalized, Sue places a single white rose on the grave, when she leaves the gravestone cracks 

Due to the fact I didn’t want to go into much depth with this theme, I created an image that looked like a girl was praying. As me as the model, I wore white; and had a crucifix in my hand. Because the book has a lot of blood scenes like the shower and prom scenes I got some fake blood and made blood drips on some paper, which I edited into my face in Photoshop. I wanted to include a white rose; so I edited some red rose petals, changed them to white and place them hovering around me so I wanted to show Carrie’s power by doing this. I wasn’t too sure about this so I made the same image but with two different edits, one with the petals and one without.


I’m worried that people who haven’t read the book or seen the movies will understand what it’s about – however I’m worried that I haven’t given enough clues as to what the story is. This isn’t my best work but I worked with what I had at the time and the set up that I could use that the time, maybe if I was to do this again I’d think this through more and plan it out better.


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