Still Life Workshop [06/03/14]

In this workshop we were shown how to photograph still life! We were shown how you get pure white backgrounds (by shooting into the light with a softbox), and we were shown how to use pieces of black card to create black ‘lines’ on the edges of the glass, so it wouldn’t disappear into the white background. We also used a piece of glass on the table and place the objects on to it; this reflects the subjects.

After being shown how to photograph into the light using glass objects, I thought I’d see what would happen if I had a more ‘solid’ object as I wanted to photograph flowers. As you can see in the image below (left image) the flowers is almost a silhouette because the light source is behind it and the light can’t travel though it like it does with the glass container; so I got an extra light and placed it above the camera we could see the flowers, adding an extra lighting didn’t effect how the glass object, which was good.

lighting still life done

Another way to photograph glass is to have a black background; to do this you place the black card behind the subject and the light behind the subject would create white ‘lines’ on the glass, I liked how this looked on the glass container (see below) but I didn’t like how the flowers looked, with the white background the light would shine through the petals and they looked purer and brighter, but they didn’t with the black background.

Still Life workshop 2

I had fun doing the still life workshop and I was thinking of doing it near the start for my final pieces (but I didn’t really know how to do this, but now I do). I would like to continue photographing flowers in glass containers – they’re simple but I think they could be so effective. I would like to have a small ‘theme’ with them; and I would like to have different types of flowers, but I would also like to try and photograph the same flowers as it decays over time.


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