i-D Magazine Cover Research [Portrait]

i-D is a British magazine which focus’ on fashion, music, art and youth culture (founder Terry Jones, former Vogue art director).

I remember looking at the i-D covers at college; the recurring theme behind the images is that the model/s always had the eye on the left covered by their hand or hair or an object or they would just have it closed. I believe they did this to match the name of the magazine; look at the title i-D to the left it creates a winking face.

When  we looked at these at college we were told to recreate them; but in our own style and they had to relate to us, so we tried out covering our eye with objects that related to us. I won’t go into much detail with that because I’m not looking into ‘copying’ this style again. I was looking at the covers to see how I could create portraits that would ‘hides’ the models slighting.

I want to do long exposed images and capture the movement and one thing I could do is have the face hidden behind an object or the hair of the model or their hands (all of which is moving toward the face so it create a ‘ghostly’ effect). I was only looking at i-D’s covers for some ideas; the style of them are all quite interesting, but not what I was thinking of doing (I did notice in some of the images the models have been placed with solid coloured backgrounds and others haven’t, I can’t really tell if their on location or it’s just a textured background).

©i-D // Model: Laetitia Casta // Photographer: Charlotte Stockdale // Image Source: http://biggworld.com/biggworld-magazines-december-covers/

©i-D // Model: Sam Rollinson // Photographer: Alasdair McLellan // Image Source: http://ftape.com/media/?p=62251

©i-D // Model: Kate Moss // Photographer: Charlotte Stockdale // Image Source: http://www.mydaily.co.uk/2013/02/05/kate-moss-id-magazine-cover-pictures/

©I-D // Model: Selena Gomez // Photographer: Scott Trindle  // Image Source: http://www.idolator.com/7475348/selena-gomez-i-d-magazine-cover-shoot

  • Research for Portrait idea: “Capture Movement: I’d love to do some portraits that look at everyday movements, but I would like to show the movement in my work; like a long exposed image were you can see a ghostly figure move across the image. Examples of movements: walking, running, arms moving, covering eyes, dancing. I’m not too sure whether to do this in the studio or outside (maybe I should try out both).”




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