The aim of this project was to create three images using a PhaseOne camera and scale up one or all of the three images to A0 size. I found this very challenging and difficult; at some points I liked the challenge while other times I felt I never wanted to do this again!

Scaling up to A0 was okay; however when I was working on the files on my computer in Photoshop it would freeze and the program would close multiple times. Another problem I had was when it came to printing; I managed to print one images to A0, however when I was almost finished printing my second one we were told to leave it as the uni was locking up for the night and after logging of the computer it stopped the print. Also after this the printer stopped working meaning we had to print smaller; I wanted my images to be the same size so I ended up printed all three A2.

My ideas kept changing and at one point I felt I was being pushed into a theme I didn’t want to do; at the crit everyone seemed to like my portraits but I felt that they weren’t right for this projects, but part of me is worried that people will be disappointed that I didn’t do them – maybe I could try them again, but I don’t think they were right for this project.

At my final crit, I felt that my images looked really good up on the wall; after discussion I told them about the theme behind the images, they felt that the theme didn’t show in my images, but the theme was just something to go on. They said if I wanted to show the ‘something old, new and borrowed’ theme I should have included something ‘blue’ to complete the theme.

Their were a couple of things I needed to improve on and change, but overall I was happy with my outcomes, but I’m NEVER doing prints this big again (unless I have to)! They are so big and very difficult to handle, specially this time of year, when walking home and to uni with them I was worried my prints would get ruined… It was great seeing my images at this scale, but there is not hiding when they are that size (like my crappy editing on my A0 image that looked right on screen, but when it was printed off you could see where I had edited).


Final Still Life Shoot [27/03/14]

My final shoot went really well; because I knew what I wanted and how to set up I was done within a couple of hours!

I used some fresh flowers from my garden and a fairly new vase in this shoot. I tried getting everything the same as the last two (which I found quite difficult but in the end I managed).

Still Life new

Henrik Bonnevier [Still Life]

  • Henrik Bonnevier is a Swedish photographer who works in fashion Still life.

A lot of Henrik Bonnevier’s still life’s are made to advertise make-up produces and furnisher. It very organized and neat and tidy, he style changes depending on what he is shooting.

Like I did for my Still Life shoots; he sometimes has glass underneath his subjects to create reflections – I really like this and I continued to do that in my shoots as someone commented on the in my crits and I feel that the images continues off the page. When he doesn’t use glass he creates shadows underneath the objects instead.

I believe that his style of taking these images switches between shooting into the light and shooting from above them onto a white-grey surface. The one’s that he shoots into light are mainly objects made out of glass.

Decided on a Theme :)

After doing me last two shoots I have final decided on which theme to to!

I will be doing still life because I didn’t enjoy doing the portrait one; I felt that I needed to do the portrait ones because everyone liked them, while I didn’t like them as much and I thought – what’s the point in doing something that I’m not going to fully enjoy?

Second Portrait Shoot in Studio [20/03/14]

I had a go at using the P40 camera to try my portraits images. After about half an hour I wasn’t enjoying this shoot and I couldn’t recreate the portraits that I did with my camera.

I tried using the studio lights; however in my first shoot I used natural lighting. I don’t think I can get the same effect again…

Second portrait

I try editing one of the images to black and white, but it just didn’t look right.

Second portrait edited

I think I should have tried different lighting, but at the end of this I wasn’t enjoying this shoot and I want to do Still Life.

Second Still Life shoot [20/03/14]

My second still life shoot when really well; I managed to set up my studio space and I worked along with one other person – who was also doing still life, this was great so we helped each other out and also learn from each other.

The idea was I was going to make images of the same bunch of flowers over several shoots and show the flowers decaying over time.

Still life old 1

However after my shoot I think back to my first still life shoot, and I really liked how one of the images looked and I wanted to included the image of the flower in the glass bottle; both objects used in the image were borrowed from other people and both of the objects used in this shoot were old. This started to get me thinking of the rhyme used for brides; ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue – it said if the bride wears these at her wedding, it is said to bring good luck.

I tried photographing the flowers without the vase; I don’t think they’ll go well together with what I had in mind (I want to have the flowers and a vase so they go together) however it does look nice.

Still Life old 2

I think this theme would make a very interesting theme; if I decided to do this I’ll need to get hold of a new vase/glass container (or newer than the old one) and some new flowers (there are some ‘spring’ flowers in my garden that I could use) for the rhyme theme, but again I quite liked the idea of photographing the same flowers over a period of time.