Location Lighting Workshop [13/02/14]

In groups; we worked together on different locations inside and outside the university. We went out with a Phase One P40 camera, a Mac laptop, a reflector, a light and stand, the camera was connected up to the laptop using a tether cable so when we shot our images, the images would show up onto the laptop and we could see how they looked while shooting; which is great for checking if the image in focus (nothing worse than getting back home from a shoot and finding the ones you liked aren’t in focus), this is also great for checking to see if everything is balanced and exposed right, because you can just change it if it’s not.

We found that it was quite difficult to balance the artificial light and natural lighting – it was a sunny day and the sun kept going behind clouds and then coming out again, this meant we had to keep changing the settings on the camera and the artificial lighting, because the image would either be to dark or too bright and over exposed. We moved inside and still had the same problem as the sun would shine through the windows; but in the end we managed to get some good images.

location lighting done

The images above show two different types of lighting (I suggest you click on the image if you want to see it bigger); the one on the left was natural lighting with no artificial light, while the other one on the right has artificial light shining onto Gabriella from the left, in front of the window. In the first image the shadows on her face aren’t very noticeable (the one with natural lighting); however in the second image, when we added extra lighting, the shadows became a lot more noticeable. We added the light near the window so it looked more natural and it makes it look as if the light is coming through the window. The artificial light made the shadows on Gabriella’s face stronger, we also shot the image with a shallow depth of field so only Gabriella was in focus, and everything in the background was blurred. With the artificial lighting the background is much darker than the one with the natural lighting, this is good; it adds drama, and makes the background less distracting. We also used a reflector to get some more light on to Gabriella’s face (the reflector was held up near the floor to the right), we did this so the right side of her face wouldn’t be too dark.

This workshop was a great way of trying out the equipment on locations; this has prepared me for what I need to do for if I need to go out on a location and shoot like this. It also great to see the difference between natural lighting and the artificial lights.


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