Digital Masking Workshop [04/03/14]

In one of our Digital Workflow sessions we were shown how to mask images together in Photoshop. Our whole grouped worked together to create a tableaux scene; we deciding where the camera was going to go, and we picked four people to be in the image positioning them in certain places in the shot. Each person was photographed and lit up with artificial lighting separately (plus we lit up some darker area in some places to lighten them up).

Tableaux layered test

After taking all the images we were then shown how to mask the separate images into one image; we selected the images we wanted and then placed them in Photoshop and placed them all in a ‘stack‘ and erased any part of the images we didn’t need (in a couple of shoots the lights could be seen, using this technique we managed to get rid of them).

This workshop really helped me, and I reckon you could use this for other things too.



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