Location and Weather for 13th Feb Photo-shoot

On Thursday, we have to prepare in groups and head outside on location somewhere around the University. In my group, we have discussed about heading to a couple of place; near the university is some allotments, we’ve been able to get in them before, but only because someone was around to let us in (the place is usually locked up). So as a ‘back-up’ location in case we can’t get into the allotments is a small ally around the back of Britannia Mill; it’s an odd location, but we hope to get some interesting images. We don’t want to go too far away because there is a lot of equipment; which is quite heavy too, plus we haven’t had much decent weather lately.


Image from Google Maps


Image from BBC Weather website

Since we are photographing outside; and will be handling heavy equipment, I thought it would be a good idea to check the weather just in case it rains or snows. By the looks of things it’s meant to be quite cold with some wind and showers nearing into the afternoon, so looks like we’ll be needing some warm clothes (and umbrellas) – and since we’ve had quite a lot of rain in the past few days, will defiantly be needing some suitable footwear (specially if we get into the allotments, two of us headed down to them Monday and it was very mucky – the second location wasn’t too bad).


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